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Effective electrolysis treatments involve a partnership between you and your electrologist. By selecting the right practitioner for your hair removal needs, you increase the quality of treatment you receive and the successes you experience.


Tracey-Lee exudes the utmost in professionalism through her innate kindness, gentleness, and respect. I leave a treatment with my skin, dignity, and self-esteem in better shape than when I arrive. The decision to remove unwanted hair required more than money. I was going to have to trust someone as I lay on a treatment table and expose my vulnerability. It was never a question of how the unwanted hair was treated but always about how i was (skin, comfort, etc.) I trust Tracey-Lee implicitly because she takes impeccable care of the me that remains after she removes the hair that has to go.

I trust Tracey-Lee implicitly
— Melanie B.

Electrolysis has been the best investment I have ever made...
— Jane

I look forward to my visits with Tracey-Lee. Her sweet, caring and professional nature put me at ease immediately. I really enjoy talking to her as she works on me. It's a bit funny, but there's a part of me that wants there to be more unwanted hair so that I can continue going to see her!  It's difficult for me to remember what life is like with unwanted hair. Thanks to Tracey-Lee, I won't have to.  Electrolysis has been the best investment I have ever made..."